Ce La Vie Meaning (2023)

1. C'est la vie: its meaning and everything else you need to know

  • Dec 3, 2022 · C'est la vie is a popular French expression valued by English speakers. While the common translation is "that's life" or such is life, ...

  • C'est la vie means "that's life" / "such is life" and is not always a fatalistic French idiom. Alternatives: Ainsi va la vie, c'est comme ça

2. C'est La Vie: Ultimate Guide To The Famous French Expression

  • Mar 19, 2022 · C'est la vie (Meaning: “that's life”) is a phrase that's made its way into popular songs, movies, and cultures around the world.

  • C’est la vie (Meaning: "that's life") is a phrase that’s made its way into popular songs, movies, and cultures around the world. Despite the fact that it comes from the French language, English speakers also

    (Video) French expression: "c'est la vie"

3. What does C'est la vie mean? A cultural exploration - LingoCulture

  • C'est la vie, meaning literally that's life in English, is a well-known French phrase. C'est means it is or that is, while la vie means life. Based on these ...

  • "C'est la vie" is often used in English, but what does C'est la vie mean in French? Let's see its meanings, uses, and synonyms in French!

4. The Real Meaning Of C'est La Vie In French - The Mezzofanti Guild

  • When we translate it to English, c'est la vie means “that's life”. We can understand the phrase in more detail if we look at the individual words in the phrase ...

    (Video) How to Pronounce C'est la vie? (CORRECTLY, FRENCH)

  • Are you curious to know what c'est la vie means? Discover the most accurate definition and usage examples in this article.

5. C'est La Vie - Meaning And How To Use It - Journey To France

  • Dec 19, 2021 · The most obvious translation of c'est la vie at's life” (c'est – that's, la vie – life), and the statement is commonly used when confronted with ...

  • A well-known French idiom, "C'est la vie" pronounced as "say-la-vee") is one of the most often used French expressions throughout the world.

    (Video) Khaled - c'est La vie - Lyrics - with English subtitles

6. C'est la vie | Meaning in English & Pronunciation - All About French

  • “C'est la vie” is a fatalistic French phrase that means “That's life” or “That's how it is“. It shows acceptance or resignation to a less-than-ideal situation.

  • Wonder what does c'est la vie mean in French? ► Let's discover the definition of this French quote and its translation in English. ► But also how to use it and its spelling, pronunciation, synonym.

7. What Does "C'est La Vie" Mean? - 7ESL

  • Jun 12, 2023 · C'est la vie is a French idiom meaning “that's life” or “oh well,” used in various contexts · The phrase originated from the French language and ...

    (Video) MIKA - C’est la Vie (Official Music Video)

  • C'est la vie, a popular French idiom, has found its way into everyday English conversations. Literally translated as "this is the life," the phrase is commonly used to express acceptance or resigna...

8. C'est la vie - Grammarist

  • C'est la vie is French for that's the life, or just that's life. It works as a standalone sentence or as a parenthetical clause.

  • = "That's the way it goes." French for that's the life.

    (Video) Stereophonics - C'est La Vie

9. C'est la vie (used in English) - WordReference Forums

  • Dec 18, 2015 · Silverobama, if you just accept that "C'est la vie" has exactly the same meaning as its literal translation "That's life", and shares the same ...

  • Hi, I came across this phrase many years ago, at that time I heard some Chinese people using it to mean "This is life, or such is life". And I thought it made sense, then I used it until one day a native speaker (AE) told me the phrase doesn't mean what it says in English. I looked up the term...


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